Welcome to Jailbroken

Sick of following online jailbreak tutorials for your favourite device only to be met with dead ends, surveys and the risk of downloading something dodgy off a forum page that could potentially brick your device?

Yeah, so were we.

This is why we started Jailbroken.co with the aim of becoming the go-to tutorial website, detailing in extensive step-by-step guides on how to jailbreak your Apple, Android or PlayStation devices, giving you the opportunity to use your device to its full potential. As we build the site, we’ll add more and more information on how to jailbreak your device including the best third-party apps, software and hacks that give you the best possible device experience.

Ever wanted to have full administrative control over your Android device? Fed up of how limited and restricted Apple make their products and you’re looking for a more customizable, fluid experience? Looking for ways to unlock your PlayStation device for the ultimate entertainment experience? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Experience Your Devices Like Never Before

We meticulously check and tested every method we post, ensuring it’s fully working and compatible with the devices listed. We understand that some of you may have done these jailbreaks countless times before or maybe this is your first jailbreak attempt. This is why we have written out each hacking technique, step by step, so everybody can easily follow and enjoy their devices to the fullest.

In the near future, we’ll be adding articles, devices and tutorials, giving you the complete jailbreaking experience that you deserve. We are constantly working away to keep all our links updated and the site in full working order. Be sure to check our Facebook and Twitter pages for latest updates, posts and information.

Happy Cracking!

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