PS3 Jailbreak 4.81 OFW 4.81 to CFW

PS3 Jailbreak: Universal Serial Bus that was the first chipset named PlayStation Jailbreak by which execution of unauthorized code was allowed on homebrew as well as on PlayStation 3. A security system is bypassed through it by using a programmed memory exploit occurred with a USB device by which unsigned code execution is allowed. Backup Manager is the name of the device that, very few home brew software pieces are as popular piece of software as it.

By this a user is allowed to copy the game titles from optical media to the PlayStation 3 hard drive. We can also use Backup Manager for running homebrew applications which are in fact created for running in the native mode of the console.There are many devices for performing code execution. But most of them work only on PlayStation 3 with the System software version 3.41 or lower versions than this. But PS3 Jailbreak has been released in PSDowngrade that enables the downgrading of the system software of PlayStation3’s version 3.41 or lower and version 3.42, 3.50, 3.55. These types of extra ordinary features have been firstly brought by PS3 Jailbreak creator.


Step 1 : Check your PS3 is updated to the latest Original Firmware (4.81), Click – Update Console here

ps3 information
Step 2 : Download PS3 FIRMWARE BELOW – Make sure to have plug in USB Flash Drive..




Step 3 : Now you have the Download extract with winrar..  Dont have winrar? (winrar website Download winrar)


Step 4 : Place the folder onto a USB this contains the correct files needed for Jailbreak

working ps3 jailbreak


Step 5 : Plug the USB into the PS3 console (off), and then turn it on.

Then click – Settings – > System Update -> Update via Storage Media -> Proceed

ps3 storage



Step 6 : Your Jailbreak is now complete !



The information regarding the hardware of the system software version 3.70 of PlayStation was released in August 2011.Nor/Nand chip flashers of these hardware mods would be soldered or clipped onto PlayStation’s chip whose Nor/Nand was usually located on the motherboard of the PlayStation. Then the memory of the chip would be flashed off and the firmware of the PlayStation would be backed up. And the console was being downgraded while the hard drive was being formatted. Even on the latest software system the flashers are still applicable and anyone can buy these online. Thus actually the process of PS3 Jailbreak has been started.

Later on in 2012, “The Three Musketeers”, a hacking group released for the PlayStation 3 the Level 0 keys in October. In fact, those keys allowed another Chinese hacking community known as “Blue Disk” to produce and release the purchasable custom firmware, CFW in brief for 4.21 and above. Just after few days, Rogero, a famous PlayStation 3 developer released Custom Firmware 4.21 which was totally free of charge. After that, there are many developers who are constantly releasing CFW for the firmware of the latest version of PlayStation 3. The PlayStation Jailbreak obsolete is rendered by this custom firmware. They had few limitations like they cannot be installed on the PlayStation 3’s system software of version 3.55 or below.

In 2013, “The Great Unicorns” released the 3.60+ loader keys on June 26. On the same day, a developer names “Flatz” released the encryption of hard-drive specifically for PHAT console. Thus following the way, for version 4.21-4.46 the LvqIdr crypto keys had been released. And PS3 Jailbreak has been familiar to the common folks. Overall, It is Assumed that, An attempt for jailbreaking the system of the PlayStaion3 has been taken by the hackers. After

Jailbreaking for the first time, It has been possible to modify the PlayStation 3 for almost everyone with just a USB device. Everything needed for jailbreaking the PlayStation 3 was contained into the USB devices. Only connecting the devices to the console was needed to start the process of jailbreaking. But that device has been unusable after releasing an update by Sony. From then, Updates are being released to stop jailbreaking but the hackers are constantly finding the ways to get around of the updates with their new hacks. PS3 Jailbreak 4.81 OFW 4.81 to CFW is the longest working PlayStation 3 Jailbreak since 2014.

Merits and Demerits of PS3 Jailbreak: Jailbreaking your PlayStation has few advantages as well as disadvantages. You should know very clearly about these as knowing regarding both will help you to take decision either you will jailbreak your PlayStation or console or not.

Backup Facility

The most useful facility of a jailbroken PlayStation 3 is that, It enables one to back up movie and game collection. As the game disc cannot be run if there are any scratches or other damages and also sometime the game owners may lose their discs, but the video games are usually expensive, So, In a PS3 Jailbreak, backup facility is considered as one of the biggest facilities of jailbreaking.

Running Home Brew Games and Other Applications

Any user created applications or games can be run through a jailbroken PlayStation 3. For instance, a cheat engine can be run on the PlayStation which in facts allows anyone to input codes for extra ammo or infinite health. Running emulators is also possible in a jailbroken console. Emulators are the programs which let anyone play older video games like Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis consoles or Atari etc. In a jailbroken PlayStation 3 installing other applications and software is almost like Linux. Ubuntu has also been installed on PlayStation 3 after jailbreaking.

Negative sided of Jailbreak Ps3

Anyone should think twice before jailbreaking his console if he usually enjoys playing games via the PlayStation Network with friends. He should remember that, there is no system updates for the jailbroken console as well as PlayStation 3. And as PS3 Jailbreak voids its warranty, if any hardware problem is found even during the warranty period, The PlayStation won’t be repaired for free and may not be got any service at all.

Playing MKV Videos

It is known to all that why we need the ability of playing MKV Videos. This video format has already been known as the best video formats. The videos’ size is near about half of the AVi formatted videos. Multiman software that has been released recently has a Showtime apps which allows playing even 1080p HD MKV Videos from external and internal both hard drives. Now reconverting MKV Videos is not needed for playing it on PlayStation 3.

Controlling Game

After PS3 Jailbreak, it is possible for anyone to copy any video game from the original Blue-ray disk to the internal hard disk of the machines. It also can be copied from the Blue-Ray game to an external USB hard disk. The ability of having a backup of any game on file is the main advantage of PS3 Jailbreak. It can be copied to your friend’s PlayStation as well, which may save the time and money as well as hassle of going to market for buying the game. As you have the copy of the original game, you have the controlling of the game too. You may lose the game if only your PlayStation crashes.

Disabling Automatic Firmware Updates

After PS3 Jailbreak, the feature of the automatic firmware updates will automatically be disabled. In fact, this is a disadvantage, as the update firmware allows your PlayStation 3 to play with more speed. If you play the game by yourself there may not have any major impact but if you would like to enjoy multiplayer game in online it may not be possible in Jailbroken PS3. Because it needs many more updates of the firmware to be installed. So, before jailbreaking you PlayStation, you should ask yourself what actually you want. If you have plan to play often in online against other people, PS3 Jailbreak will be a bad idea.

Voiding Warranty

You must keep in mind that, by jailbreaking your PlayStation 3, you are in fact violating the terms and condition of the manufacturers which voids warranty of your PlayStation 3. Not only that, you may also lose your access to the Network of the PlayStation. Usually the PlayStation Network allows you downloading the game what is not available in video game shops. The process may also damage your PlayStation 3. In spite of knowing everything the adventurous gamers do not sit idle thinking about warranty, rather they do PS3 Jailbreak to void the bindings of the manufacturers and enjoy the ultimate adventure of the game.

Use Jailbroken PS3 Everywhere

As by PS3 Jailbreak you have the opportunity to play the game in everywhere. You may just copy or place numerous games in your external USB hard drive and then go anywhere anyone’s house by connecting the external hard drive to any PlayStation 3 you may access each and every of your copied game. You have not to carry all things of your game along with the disc and others just the
external USB Hard drive.Suppose there are two consoles in your house, one is in your living room and another one is in your bedroom. By PS3 Jailbreak it has become very easy for you to play any games like Call of Duty: Black Ops on any of two consoles without carrying the game disc for the respective game console every time.

Playing Game with Cheats and Mods:

After finishing the whole game campaign, when you have played fair against all of your enemies in the game again and again, once you have been bored playing the game. In this case, for enjoying the other interesting modes of the game, you have the opportunity to PS3 Jailbreak Download. By downloading and applying cheats codes and mods to the game you will have the ability to enjoy few other exceptional features like unlimited ammo, God mode, anti-gravity are mostly remarkable of them that features are not available for usual players.

Playing Pirated Game

Though this is not a bit ideal thing to play a pirated game, but it is undeniable that a fair amount of folks are there who usually play pirated games for many reasons. Sometime there are games released without demos. So, few people download the pirated copy to observe if it is worth of buying or not. It is also true that, there are more others who never would like to pay the developers ever. However, the bottom line is that, you have the opportunity to play pirated games on jailbroken PlayStation3 after PS3 Jailbreak Download.

4.81 OFW 4.81 to CFW

4.81 OFW 4.81 to CFW is the models I believe for true gamers who would like to explore the gaming world, which is fully, perfect for jailbreaking your PlayStation 3 Console. This version of Jailbreaking allows you to access the administrative control over the device. This could provide the ability to run the those software and files that’s were not possible in the earlier versions. Playing saved game, installing third party software and running the software is also possible in this version very smoothly. In fact, this version provides you complete freedom of using your devices. The functionality of the device is enhanced by it and it gives a player really a wonderful and unique experience.

However, from all the above discussion we have just intended to inform you the details about the PS3 Jailbreak. This is not for inspiring the readers to use or making frightened the user. All of the merits and demerits, Pros and Corns are discussed here for your PlayStation system. Now, it’s your time to decide which of these reasons are mostly applicable to you. To Conclude It can be frankly said that, the system is not for common players. Rather this PlayStation 3 Jailbreak is only for those who are really brave, adventurous having mental strength of buying another PlayStation 3 If anything happened to his devices. And there is no doubt, this type of folks are not less in number. There are a fair number of players who doesn’t like limit in game rather want to enjoy the unlimited power in game. So, PlayStation3 Jailbreak has been a great option for them to enjoy the limitless power in game like God Mode, unlimited ammo and access so many other features. And 4.81 OFW 4.81 to CFW is the model I believe to be very much chosen by the players in PS3 Jailbreak. As It provides many other unique and ultra modern features and power to the player in game.

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