Ps4 Jailbreak – Suits models 4.74- CFW. :  Are you a newbie in the technology of hacking games? Have you ever heard of PS4 Pro Jailbreak? The question may confuse you right now. In fact, Jailbreaking of a tablet, smart phone, console and some other devices means that, the digital rights of the management software has been broken by a user. And by this the root access has been got by the user to inner workings to the game system. That allows a user to change or install software which is not actually authorized technically for the user.

Why you would like to jailbreak your PS4? The answer in short is to prove your ability that you can. And the answer in long is to enlarge the possibilities for enjoyment and entertainment and playing more games to the PlayStation4 repertoire.


Step 1 : If you need to update your console here – CLICK TO UPDATE (if you dont need to update go to step 2)

ps4 jailbreak


Step 2: Download PS4 FIRMWARE  –  Make sure to have plug in USB Flash Drive..



Step 2: Unzip with Winrar
Step 3: Create a folder in the root of the USB stick called PS4
Step 4: Create a folder inside the PS4 folder called PS4UPDATE.PUP
Step 5: Copy PS4UPDATE.PUP into UPDATE folder on USB
Step 6: Plug USB into PS4
Step 7: Go to System software Update, then go over and select Update from USB storage device


ps4 software


Step 8 : Once updated the Ps4 Jailbreak press Enter

jailbreak complete


Congratulation’s your Jailbreak is complete !


When it comes to Jailbreaking your PlayStation 4, there are a couple of requirements that your device needs to have. Firstly, a PlayStation 4 can only be Jailbroken if it is running firmware 1.76 or below. This means you haven’t updated your device and the firmware code reads this number when you’re on the settings menu.

If your device is running firmware 4.05 or below (so anything between 1.76 and 4.05), there has been rumours spreading around the Internet that a jailbreak is possible. There has even been a video released by the hacking group Chaitin Tech showcasing a jailbroken 4.05 device. However, this jailbreak is simply unattainable at present, and unless you are good friends with some deep hackers with access to this crack, you won’t be able to get hold of it until it is released.

Furthermore, if your device is running 4.06 or above, there’s simply no way to jailbreak your device. There have been no rumours or talk about it, and there’s simply nothing you can do.

Unfortunately, it’s also impossible to downgrade your current device. There are no tools, tips or software applications, so the only way to have a jailbroken device is to have a 1.76 model or buy one online if your current device is above this firmware.


ps4 download jailbreak

Is There Any Risks in Jailbreaking PS4?

It must be kept in mind that, there must be a risk of voiding the warranty in jailbreaking PS4. And the layers of protections are broken down by jail breaking PS4. By the layers of protections actually the device is guarded against malicious incursions, which may be broken by jailbreaking. So, when you expand your PS4 or the features of your phone, there is a possibility of opening up yourself to attacks. In fact, the system has not been designed for being hacked like that, So, if the process of PS4 Jailbreak goes in wrong way, it may cause your device unstable. You device may be suffering from reducing battery life or may experience any other issues. If you have the mental ability to take the risk, then jailbreaking PS4 is up to you


PS4 Jailbreak History

In 2014, ways have been found for pirating the game on the PS4 with a technique named Paspberry pi, also known as the Brazilian Jailbreak. But either the system is working on the latest firmwares for now is not clear  Later on March 2017, few hacking group released a PS4Webkit for the Firmwares up to 4.07. Though, It was not a full Jailbreak, Since August 2016, It was mostly known to public as the most recent exploit from the time of releasing the Webkit exploit on firmware 3.55.Later it has been known that, Qwertyoruiop is the hacker who released the Webkit exploit and he earned fame as an iOS hacker who announced that He has a PS4 4.50 Jailbreak. But that has not been released yet.

At the convention of GeekPwn 2016 in October, a PS4 4.01 Jailbreak was released. The PS4 Jailbreak is in fact confirmed later as it would work up to the upgraded version of firmware including 4.05. After that, No groups has committed to release it so far. At last on December 2016, PS4 Firmware 4.05 was demonstrated by Fail0verflow which was running on Linux.

At present, Jailbreaking your PlayStation 4 is also possible if the firmware is 1.76 or even below. Usually people run the jailbreak on the firmware version higher than 1.76. But we know that, the recommendation for jailbreak is on as a low firmware as possible as the new hacks will surface eventually. Now the best version jailbreaking is however a 1.76 PS4.

Fail0verflow showed that, they have PS4 on Linux running at the CCC convention of hacking in December 2015. Later on they released the source code for running Linux on PS4. But they did not release the required source code for PS4 Jailbreak. For Some models of PS4, Hacks have been released to run Linux. Lastly in a presentation in 2015, a Careful examination by Fail0verflow have shown that, on firmware 1.76 their console was nicely running at the time. Later on, Marcan, a member of Fail0verflow confirmed that, his PS4 was successfully running on firmware 4.05


PS4 Jailbreak Hack

As Sony enacted the masterful security system for PlayStation 4, It was really difficult to hack or jailbreak. Even if on December 2015 a hacker claimed to be succeeding achieving the total jailbreak of PS4 but it was not fully succeed jailbreaking. Many prominent hackers group tried hard to hack the game system and Jailbreak for months. And a famous hacker group named FailOverflow has been able to hack this finally. They in fact have been succeed to write a Linux custom version only for PlayStation 4 and were demoing the hack playing on the PS4 Pokemon Emarald. However, This jailbreak is not bug free yet, there are the necessity of working out still now. That’s why the PS4 Jailbreak has not been released widespread rather is pending still.


Why you may jailbreak your PS4 device

You might ask why you would like to Jailbreak your PS4 device. In fact, a lot of facilities will be enjoyed after jailbreaking your PS4 device. A few of them are discussed here.

Running all the Home Brew Games and Other Applications

In a PS4 Jailbreak any homemade applications or games you can run. For example you can run a cheat engine on the PlayStation 4 by which actually you have the ability to input codes into the game system for infinite health or extra ammo. Almost all the home brew games can be played in a jailbroken PlayStation 4 that is really unimaginable in PS4 without jailbreaking. Older video games like Sega Genesis, Atari or Super Nintendo etc are also possible to play in this console. Not only games but also various software like Linux and Ubuntu can be installed on a PlayStation 4 after Jailbreaking. Using Third party Apps is a very known popular feature in a PS4 Jailbreak, you will have the ability to install 3rd party apps that usually could not be installed and even available for the device.

Running free games

You may run any game in your PlayStation 4 without buying the game disk. These can be both types of game including full games and PSN games. It also may include the newest titles like Need for Speed and Battlefield. For doing this, you have to download the game files in a USB drive and you may copy the game files to the device. Now you have the ability to run this game in anywhere in any console that can be imagined in a PlayStation 4 without jailbreaking.


Playing Pirated Game

Although playing pirated games cannot be identified as an ideal thing but none can deny that, there are a lot of people who enjoy playing pirated games because of having many reasons. If any game releases without demo, to test the game people play the pirated copy of the game to know about the game and to take decision that either the game is worth to buy or not. It is also undoubtedly true that, there are a fair amount of players who would not like to pay the developers ever buying the game. But they must play the latest and updated games by any means. So, the way for them is nothing but PS4 Jailbreak Download. They may enjoy playing all the pirated game in their PlayStation 4 after jailbreaking.


Running PS3 games

Usually in PlayStation 4, PS3 games are not supported. But after PS4 jailbreak you will have the ability to play the PS3 games on your PS4 device. And the graphics needed for playing the PS3 game on PS4, will be automatically adjusted.


Modded games

To get the best experience and adventures in a game, the game files are specially modded and used in playing game. For instance, Challenge lobbies or XP for Call of Duty or in GTA extra Cheats. This modded files you can use in game system file only after your PS4 Jailbreak.


Using Emulator

In a Jailbroken PS4 you have chance to use Emulator. By the emulator you will be able to play games from any other console or a platform which is not usually playable on the console except jailbreaking. For example you may think of Android games, XBOX games and App Store games. In fact, Emulators are the programs by which you may play any older video games in your PlayStation 4 which impossible in usual PlayStation 4 without being jailbroken.


Is jailbreaking PS4 safe?

If you follow the guidelines of PS4 Jailbreak properly from any trusted source of information like us, you may not face any problem and nothing will go wrong. However, If you screw anything up, you should not be much tensed. As you have kept the backup on your console’s hard drive, It must be in safe place. If anything goes wrong you can easily install again the regular firmware with the USB stick.

There is no doubt that, there must have few downsides of jailbreaking the PlayStation 4. The biggest downside is loosing the warranty of your PlayStation 4. But comparing the benefits, adventures, powers the downsides or negative sides are nothing.

As you are a user of PlayStation 4, you are a player, you might have heard few or much about PS4 Jailbreak. You may have been recommended much to jailbreak your PlayStation 4. This may be undoubtedly true that, PS4 is one of the most popular console for gaming to Jailbreak. And Jailbreaking the PlayStation 4 is not a matter of rocket science. For this now a day experts as well as novices are now jailbreaking their gaming console the PlayStation 4.


PS4 Jailbreak; Pros and Cons

Those who even don’t know what actually Jailbreaking is or what’s the pros and cons of the jailbreading the PlayStation 4, processing of Jailbreaking or modifying the console’s hardware to suit the need of jailbreaking. By Jailbreaking PlayStation 4, it may open the world of possibilities. As it removes the restriction which is set by the manufactures of your PlayStation 4 earlier while jailbreaking PS4. A new user must know the pros and cons of Jailbreaking a PlayStation 4.
As it has been mentioned before, a world of possibilities is opened by jailbreaking the PS4. This enables you to back up games so that you may not need to bear multiple disks to play a game in anywhere in anyone’s gaming console. Furthermore, accessing cheats in game which in fact allows you to enjoy the extra facilities during playing games. Even you can play both homemade and pirated games available in online in your console after PS4 Jailbreak
The most remarkable cons is a jailbroken PS4 is out of warranty and according to the terms and condition of the manufacturers Jailbreaking a PlayStation 4 voids it’s warranty. That means If you jailbreak once your PlayStation 4 and if any bad things or issues happen to your PS4 you have not any opportunity to go to the manufacturer and demand the warranty service. There are also many others cons like there is a possibility that, the manufacturer may ban your account of your device even the permanent accounts can also be banned by the manufacture and the manufacturers also discourage to jailbreak the devices. But there are few certain precautions which can protect you from being banned.

PS4 Jailbreak is Legal or Not?

The issues regarding legality of jailbreaking are no doubt complicated. Though the personal freedom of the customer to jailbreak a smartphone or any other device like PlayStation 4 has been protected by the Copyright Act in the Digital Millennium in a 2015 exemption, on October 27, 2015 the jailbreaking a smartphone or tablet or a smart TV has been given decision as Okay by the U. S Liberty of Congress. But the interesting matter is that, handheld gaming, consoles and e-readers were not the exemption’s part. But It is evident that, the devoted hackers did not sit idle for those regulations. Rather, they continued their trying best for PlayStation 4 Jailbreak and similar consoles as the adventure seekers of game do not stop demanding the jailbreaking consoles.

However, All the pros and cons indicate to one thing and that it the experience in a PS4 Jailbreak must be more adventurous, as here the players are being more powerful as they may use here unlimited ammo, God mode of the game and also many other exciting features. But it is undeniable that, It’s not out of risk too as in every adventure you must have to take some risk as well. So, Want to enjoy the adventurous game on your PS4? You have to do nothing but PS4 Jailbreak Download and enjoy.



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